• Downtown LA

    Downtown LA

    As the oldest part of Los Angeles, downtown has a tremendous amount of old theaters with beautiful...

  • Inglewood


    Shot in February 2012 in Inglewood Los Angeles by RD Granados. The Academy was built by architect S. Charles...

  • Chrome Love

    Chrome Love

    Great pics submitted by Stephen Coles who started two sweet type blogs, one called Chromeography and another...

  • Vintage Hollywood

    Vintage Hollywood

    Classic dimesional signage from in and around Hollywood’s golden era. Photographs by RD Granados...

  • Neon Boneyard

    Neon Boneyard

    Now that I’m a recent Los Angelino, I’ve been wanting to make the trip out to vegas to see the...

  • Mixed Neon

    Mixed Neon

    Signage from Italy, Texas, NYC, Miami and More. Photography by RD Granados

  • Timisoara, Romania

    Timisoara, Romania

    A gorgeous collection of dimensional type shot by Ovidiu Hrin.

  • Storefronts of Rome

    Storefronts of Rome

    Heather Moulder shoots dimensional storefront signage in Rome, Italy

  • Art Deco Dimensional

    Art Deco Dimensional

    Amazing Art Deco classics from Miami Beach, Florida. Photographs by RD Granados.

  • European Exotics

    European Exotics

    Just a few images of some great European Classics… looking for more contributions, please send links or...

  • American Classics

    American Classics

    Various tasty specimens of vintage car type all in a days work at the Austin Texas Hot Rod show. Photographs...

  • Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles, California

    A range of styles from in and around Los Angeles County shot by RD Granados between 2006-2012.

  • Dancing Girls, DTLA

    Dancing Girls, DTLA

    One of many vintage signs dating back to the golden age of Broadway in Downtown, Los Angeles. Photos by RD...

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