• Downtown LA

    Downtown LA

    As the oldest part of Los Angeles, downtown has a tremendous amount of old theaters with beautiful...

  • Inglewood


    Shot in February 2012 in Inglewood Los Angeles by RD Granados. The Academy was built by architect S. Charles...

  • Compton, Los Angeles

    Compton, Los Angeles

    Shot on Slausson, Vernon, Maple and all over east LA in Feburary 2012 by RD Granados.

  • East LA

    East LA

    Hand painted lettering from the barrios of East Los Angeles. Photographs by RD Granados

  • Chrome Love

    Chrome Love

    Great pics submitted by Stephen Coles who started two sweet type blogs, one called Chromeography and another...

  • Vintage Hollywood

    Vintage Hollywood

    Classic dimesional signage from in and around Hollywood’s golden era. Photographs by RD Granados...

  • Neon Boneyard

    Neon Boneyard

    Now that I’m a recent Los Angelino, I’ve been wanting to make the trip out to vegas to see the...

  • Mixed Neon

    Mixed Neon

    Signage from Italy, Texas, NYC, Miami and More. Photography by RD Granados

  • Subway Type Part 1

    Subway Type Part 1

    A few shots of the independent subway sign on 14th Street in Manhattan, New York.

  • Vintage Bikes in Brooklyn

    Vintage Bikes in Brooklyn

    Beautiful motocycle typography shot in Williamsburg Brooklyn by RD Granados, more to follow…

  • Timisoara, Romania

    Timisoara, Romania

    A gorgeous collection of dimensional type shot by Ovidiu Hrin.

  • Philippines


    Great series from Josh Oakley, capturing signage from Quezon City, Jakarta, Bauang, and La Union.

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand

    From the land of the Kiwi’s comes a few nice shots taken by designer Warren Elwin… keep em coming...

  • India


    A sweet l’l series shot by designer Chris Pacetti.

  • Louisiana


    Signage from New Orleans & Breaux Bridge, the Crawfish Capitol of the World. Photos by RD Granados 2009

  • New York City

    New York City

    Hand painted heat from Harlem to Little Italy and the Lower East Side, Photographs by RD Granados.

  • Los Angeles, CA

    Los Angeles, CA

    Loads of hand painted signage shot from 2005-2010 in and around Los Angeles, including Long Beach, Downtown,...

  • Miami, Florida

    Miami, Florida

    Specimens from Little Havana, Miami Beach, North Miami and more, photographed by RD Granados from 2003-2006....

  • Paris, France

    Paris, France

    KIller and cohesive set of images from our favorite photog Peter O’Dwyer.

  • Central America & More

    Central America & More

    Mia Porter photographs beautiful lettering from Mexico, Belize and Nicaragua.

  • Euro Type Trippin’

    Euro Type Trippin’

    Benoît Santiard shot these fine European specimens in Belgium, London, & France between 2004-2009.

  • Taal, Batangas, Philippines

    Taal, Batangas, Philippines

    Philippino street lettering shot by Josh Oakley.

  • Bali, Indonesia

    Bali, Indonesia

    Another set of specimens shot by Josh Oakley.

  • Gambia, West Africa

    Gambia, West Africa

    Amin Musa, graphic designer from the UK submits some sweet hand painted specimens.

  • Storefronts of Rome

    Storefronts of Rome

    Heather Moulder shoots dimensional storefront signage in Rome, Italy

  • Southern Mexico

    Southern Mexico

    The lovely latino street vernacular of Oaxaca, San Critobal and San Miguel de Allende shot by Peter Binek...

  • Colombia


    A gorgeous series of hand painted lettering shot by Ged Palmer. The set includes specimens from Cali,...

  • Art Deco Dimensional

    Art Deco Dimensional

    Amazing Art Deco classics from Miami Beach, Florida. Photographs by RD Granados.

  • Southern France

    Southern France

    Hand painted specimens from Montpellier, Narbonne and also Lyon, taken in 2009 by RD Granados.    

  • Miami, Florida

    Miami, Florida

    Hand painted signage from the magic city, shot by RD Granados.

  • Austin, Texas

    Austin, Texas

    Hand Painted Lettering from the Lone Star, shot by RD Granados in 2009-2010.

  • Oklahoma City

    Oklahoma City

    Hand painted goodness from middle Amercia, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Photography by RD Granados.

  • London, England

    London, England

    Hand Painted lettering of the United Kingdom shot by Peter O’Dwyer  

  • Dublin, Ireland

    Dublin, Ireland

    Amazing collection of images shot by street artist Peter O’dwyer.  

  • Havana, Cuba

    Havana, Cuba

    Street and store signage photographed by designer Gary Fogelson in 2003.

  • European Exotics

    European Exotics

    Just a few images of some great European Classics… looking for more contributions, please send links or...

  • American Classics

    American Classics

    Various tasty specimens of vintage car type all in a days work at the Austin Texas Hot Rod show. Photographs...

  • Brooklyn, NY

    Brooklyn, NY

    The best of the Crooklyn barrio, shot from 2003-2006 by RD Granados and Gary Fogelson.  

  • Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles, California

    A range of styles from in and around Los Angeles County shot by RD Granados between 2006-2012.

  • Dancing Girls, DTLA

    Dancing Girls, DTLA

    One of many vintage signs dating back to the golden age of Broadway in Downtown, Los Angeles. Photos by RD...

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